1.General rules



New info

It is clear that Corona is still among us.  Numbers are rising in many countries and some countries even declaired lockdowns. 

it is for this same reason that we have chosten for our setting (See Concept in sub menu).  The competition will start on the 1st of  january,( registrations open on the 15th of December) until the 30th of June. Everyone can subscribe at any time in the tournament.

For safetyreasons, always follow the local rules against the Corona Pandemic. We know after restrictioned periods there follow periods with less restricting measures. For this reason we run this project 6 mounths so the chanses of meeting and competing are bigger.

General Rules

  • If you subscribe and register you automatically agree with the general rules, rule sets, therms and conditions.
  • Always play fair and within the spirit of safeness and fair play
  • Do not compete or fence when ill or sick, and respect the Corona measures that are active.
  • Ex Cineribus Grimbergen and Sean Wauters are not responsible for any occurring accidents. Be sure your own or club insurance is up-to-date and covers any potential accidents. Always fence safe and have respect for your fencing partner(s). If you are not an experienced fencer please contact your trainer first for permission before subscribing.
  • Only people that are member of a Historical Fencing Club or School can attend.
  • Violations on the general therms and conditions can lead to warnings and exclusion of the competition.


  • This is a sword and buckler only tournament. Other weapons like  pole weapons; Longsword,  Great swords, Rapier and buckler or single one-handed weapon (Rapier, Arming sword, Messer, Saber) are not allowed in this tournament.
  • Please follow the following safety measures for weapons
    • a. Regarding safety, we only allow swords with a descend flex and a rolled or spatulated tip.
    • b. Blunted tips or points are not allowed as are sharp parts on the quillons, crossguard, edges, pommel, or any other part of the sword. 
    • c. Regarding bucklers, only round center gripped bucklers are allowed without any types of spiked protrusions or spikes. The allowed max diameter of the buckler is 45 cm.
    • d. deviations:
      • Regarding bucklers, deviations of these general rules can only be obtained by agreement of both fencers and their seconds (see § Fighting).
      • Regarding swords, deviations of the rules are not allowed.
    • e. Regarding sword length, we trust on your common sense.

Level of experience

    • There are no limitations in terms of experience.
    • Regarding beginners, If you are a beginner, contact your trainer for permission. He/she can evaluate your level of skills. If you are a beginner, we encourage you to choose a safe rule set with protective equipment and open communication. note that tournament settings tend to be more intense than sparring. Ex Cineribus Grimbergen and Sean Wauters are not responsible for any occuring accidents.
    • Regarding experienced fencers, when encountering a beginner, try to win skillfully, not forcefully but also try to make it a good learning process for less skilled opponents. We encourage you to communicate openly about certain hits and others

We know we are not in the state of controlling the fights but this is not the scoop if this project. The goal is to have a wonderful fair play fencing time in a somewhat competitive setting. So please… Play fair and follow the rules. Complaining and/or notifications of unfair play van be done using the mailing form on www.excineribusgrimbergen.be. Repeated notifications of fair play by different fencers can lead to warnings, point deduction or exclusion (see § Unfair Fights).

We are fully convinced all participants are fair players and you all will have a wonderful fencing time.

This is not an event with a fixed  date. Fighters are encouraged to contact with other participants to organize their own fights, as will be explained in § Fighting.



 There is a general protocol fr this tournament: it is very important to take step 5-7 in to account fort the registration of the points.

  1. subscribe online as participant
  2. Find and contact an opponent
  3. Choose and agree upon a rule set
  4. Fight the opponent
  5. Fill in the fencing card
  6. Take a photo of both fencing ID cards + Fencing Scorecard in one frame
  7. Winner registers the results online + upload photo




subscription for this event can be done via the webiste: www.excineribusgrimbergen.be.

Registration fee is 4,00 euros for administration and material costs. Your registration is official when you both have registered online and payed the registration fee. If you subscribe you automatically agree with the general terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.

Each Fencer is attributed with a Fencing Number. This is your personal ID number in the fencing tournament. It will be marked on your Fencing ID Card and Fencing Score Card. 

There is a temporary maximum of 15 participants, giving 14 fights. When time and structure alows us and there is enough animo, we might raise this number.

2.2Find an opponent

A list of participants will be released on the website along with the data of the participants club. To fence with a certain participant, you can either contact the club or the participant in person. You can agree a certain time, place, and rule set (See §Rule set).

  • You can only register fencing bouts with 3 people from your own club. Fighting more can lead to nullification of the registered fights in the tournament system.
  • Fencing with people from other clubs has is no limitations. We strongly value interclub meeting and sparrings.
  • You can fight any and all of the registered participants (with a limitation of 3 people of your own club). The total number of fencing partners is limited only by the amount of participants. The goal is to let every participant fence with any other to connect with new people and new clubs. 
  • You can only fence the same person once for the registration of the points. Rematches do not gain points. We encourage rematches how ever but they can not be registered. Doubble registration can lead to nullification of the registered fights in the system.
  • All fencing results you want to register for the tournament only can be with fencers that are registered in the Tournament System: To subscribe, register on the website ExCineribusGrimbergen.be.


2.3 Choose a rule set

There are 3 different rule sets to chose from. Pick one and agree on the rule set. More info in §Rule set

2.4 Fighting

For each bout there are at least 3, preferable 4 people:

  1. Fencer A
  2. Fencer B
  3. One or two witness. For sake of both parties we recommend one witness for each fencer. This witness keeps an eye on safety, fair play and score.

There are no officials, judges, or referees in this tournament. Each fencer stands in for his own fair play.



Valid targets and scoring techniques depend on the rule sets: see Rulesets


Time is standard set at 3 minutes per bout or until lone fencer reaches 15 points


2.5 Filling in of the card and scores + 2.6. take a photo New info

How to fill in : there is an example included in the appendix on how to fill in the score card.

After the match, it is time to fill in the score cards. Just fill in (1) the name of the opponent, (2) his or her fencing number and (3)the name  and (4) the number of the winner of the match. Poorly filled in or illegible cards might be refused in the registration leading to no registration of the results.


Take a photo of fencing ID  card of both fencers AND  the Fencing score card in one picture. By photographing your fencing cards and score card both fencers agree upon the score and declare it as valid. Pictures and scores that do not contain the 2 fencing and scorecard can be rejected and be marked as invalid. The scores will not be taken into account.  Please be sure for your own good that all cards are in the one and same picture, and everyting is legible.

2.7 Register your results + upload photo.

The winner of the match has to register the results and score on the Website of Ex Cineribus Grimbergen. No registration means no points.

For this tryout tournament, the main score is either winning or losing the match and will gain respectively 1 or 0 points. Ties at the end of a match will result in a “sudden death” last clean hit exchange.


Register your fencing results on the website www.excineribusGrimbergen.

Fill in the online form and upload your fencing card. Your score is now registered. Normally you will get a confirmation of your registered fencing results.

3 Scoring during the match

for the scoring you can find more details in the submenu Rulesets

    4 Tournament scoring and System

    New info

    If you have won your match pleas register your match in submenu "registration"  using the app ( see "Concept" in submenu)

    For the basic rule sets of fencing bouts we refer to the rule sets in the submenu. Each fencing match can give you one point in the tournament system.

    A won match= 1 point

    A lost match = 0 points.

    Each fencer is evaluated in the following way. There are 3 variables.

    1) absolute number of won matches

    2) participation rate (= fights fought/ fights possible) 

    3) winning rate      (=fights won /  fights fought)

    The fencer with the highest absolute number of won machtes will be declared the winner at the end of the tournament.  In case of ex aequo we will look at the efficiency Index of the fencer(= Participation rate / winning rate). We chose for this second parameter since the scoop of this project is not only about winning, but also about participating and meeting new people. So in case of an Ex Aequo in won fights the person with more fights fought, gains the advantage.  

    Ending of the tournament

    The tournament ends on the  30th of June or when all fencers have fenced eachother once. Registrations after the 30th of June are  invalid.

    At the end of the Tournament there will be a price of the winner, second and third place. Winning participants outside the Lowland might be charged with extra costs for sending their prices.