The Belgian Buckler Symposium

Masterclass Edition. Tvv Kinder Kanker Fonds

Date:  Sat.16.12.2023

An event dedicated to sword and buckler fencing. We offer 5 seminars, a lecture, time for free play and open discussions. We hope to meet you (again)!!!!

Experience: All are welcome. Non-experienced, beginner, intermediate, advanced,...

This years edition:

Every instructor in every club around the world has certain principles, techniques, etc that they value most above others. In their seminars, our instructors will give insight in what they think are the most important aspects or principles in Sword and Buckler fencing.


International Masterclass

5 instructors from 5 countries connecting for

Sword and Buckler and Charity


France: Aurelien Nouvion

                   ( Ex Machina)

The Netherlands: Ivo Bleijenberg

                   (Fechtschule Midden-Nederland)

Finland: Marine Beaumel

                    (Sword and Buckler Family

Belguim:  Sean Wauters

                    (Ex Cineribus Grimbergen

Germany: Cornelius Berthold

                    (Dimicator Schola



9.00: Doors

9.30: Registration +

open hall for fencing

10.00: Seminar I

11.00: Seminar II

12:00: Lunch + Lecture

13.00: Seminar III

14.00: Seminar IV

15.00: Seminar: V

16.00: Free play and sparring and Discussion

17.00: End of event

18.00: Close doors +

Afterdrink at local cafe if there is animo



Freeplay and discussion time:

After the seminars we offer time and space for freeplay and discussion in/about both fencing styles to put the learned material in practice or to do whatever you want. We will be offering a number of sparring exercises and drills for those who want to target a specific problem or issue. A number of heatershields will be available for freeplay and sparring.

Price: 30 euros

Support us: If you can not attend but wish to support our

action you can support financially

Profits: Parts of the profits go to Kinderkankerfonds (Belgian Children Cancer Fund).

Location: NEW LOCATION!!! Zevensterre 5, 1852 Beigem, (Grimbergen), Belguim.